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MVidya brings to you decades of expertise of expert teachers combined with the technological capabilities of a mobile to bring best-in-class tutoring service to coach you at your convenience.

MVidya Test Prep is a sophisticated mix of latest in mobile OS, cloud, artificial intelligence and automation to bring 70,000 MCQs + 15yrs papers Free & Offline without any registration or usage charges.

Using our tools expert teachers can now offer interactive, affordable and personalized coaching to provide you the competitive edge with customized solutions to cater to each students learning needs.

CSR Activities

Kannada night school, SantaCruz,Mumbai with students who work+live in Udipi restaurants were given free devices with Math videos in Kannada

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70,000 MCQs + 15yrs papers Free & Offline

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"MVidya is surely the future of high quality affordable learning required for equal education opportunities for all"

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